Black Diamond on Measuring Tape : What Does It Signify

There are many features and functionality of measuring tape that makes you think curiously about it. Many things are there, which we use in our whole life but never think about their features. If we learn about those cool features, they will make our work simpler. Here, we are discussing the significance of the Black Diamond on measuring tape.

We all use measuring tape in our home, office, and market. Have you ever noticed the black diamond on measuring tape? And if you have, then what first comes into your mind? Think, Think hmm… If you do not know about this, don’t worry; in this article, I will tell you the reason for the presence of the black diamond on measuring tape and about its functionality.

What does this black diamond mean?

Have you ever watched black diamond in any building or apartment? After watching them, have you ever searched for it or ask someone why those black diamonds were used. The black diamond is print to signify the center of the building or an apartment. The symbol was set on a 19.2-inch mark. In order to understand it properly, you first need to learn about the “8-foot rule” and “woodworker”.

DiamondMark on tape

# The 8 Foot Rule

In every tape measure, some graphics identities are used every 16 inches. 16 is used because it was very common for our home and office framing.

16 x 6 = 98 (16 represent inches and 6 times is equals to 98 inches)

12 x 8 = 98

 Here, 12 means 1 foot (12 inches), and 8 feet means 96 inches. Using this, both the calculation gives the same result. I hope now the 8 feet rule is clear to you guys.

This black diamond on measuring tape is marked at the location where both 8 feet and 6 times 16 inches appear. This helps the architect to measure and think in both ways. Let’s discuss the woodworker rule.

Measuring tape road block width

# The Woodworker rule

After understanding the 8-foot rule, now we learn the woodworker rule. I will tell you in simple words so that you can learn that easily. After understanding properly, you will be able to explain this to anyone.

If we divide 8 feet (96 inches) by 5, we get 19.2 inches.

That is 96/5=19.2

 This is why the first diamond is marked at 19.2” then (19.2 x 2 = 38.4”) then 57.6”, 76.8” and 96” which is equal to 8 feet.


Isn’t that simple? I think now you know about the significance of the black diamond on measuring tape. The walls of the house or offices are based on this standard formula of stud placement. You can just use your measuring tape instead of breaking the cumbersome stud. This will ease your efforts and save your precious time.


Just To Know More About Black Diamond on Measuring Tape 

In this article, I have shared all the essential details you should know. If you want to know more, then you can have a look at Tom Hintz’s video on YouTube. In that video, you will learn about black diamond on measuring tape and an in-depth tutorial about how to use 16-inch red box symbol and stud placement. 

Tom Hintz’s tape measure guide tutorial has some good awareness. And after reading this article, I am sure you feel more curious and thinking about seeing the black diamond on measuring tape


The black diamond on measuring tape concept is widely used. The concept Is really simple, but many of us ignore it until and unless we are not in the architecture field. Keep the two concepts always in your mind, the first one is “the 8-foot rule” and the second one is “the woodworker rule”. Next time whenever you will be using a measuring tape, you will love to do that work and flaunt your knowledge.



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