How To Double Space in Word Doc

Line spacing in Microsoft Word is used to provide space below and above the lines correctly and, also between the letters. The text readability decreases, in the case of small distance between the letters and lines.

The text with too much space is also not liked by the readers so there should be correct spacing in the Microsoft word documents in order to enhance the structure of the document as well as the readability of the document.

Line spacing in word can be done with a few simple and easy steps. In case you have ever stuck in the dilemma of “how to double space in word?” this article is to help you with your query. Microsoft Word provides you quick option which can help you to enhance the flow of your document.

How to double space in word?

Paragraph spacing - Double Space

The appearance of the text and the clarity, are improved by the line spacing feature of the Microsoft Word.

Let’s see how we can double space in word by changing the line spacing:

  1. Firstly, you have to select the paragraph or paragraphs, which you want to alter.
  2. Then, click on the line and paragraph spacing button available in the Home tab of Microsoft Word.
  3. From the list of options, choose a suitable spacing option that can change your document into the best version of your document in terms of appearance and readability.
  4. The selected line spacing will be changed instantly.

Paragraph spacing - Double Space in Word Doc

In case you can more spacing alternatives, select the Line Spacing Options and a dialog box will appear on the screen and you can make the desired changes in that too.

In order to make changes in the spacing of the paragraph or paragraphs, you have to select the paragraph first or if no paragraph is selected, then the Microsoft Word itself selects the paragraph in which you have placed your cursor.

The “spacing between paragraphs” feature of Microsoft Word enables the writer to make the paragraphs clearly visible.

Microsoft word allows spacing before the paragraph as well as after the paragraph or you can add space at both the ends of the paragraph, this way you can easily increase or double space in word.

The following are the steps to change the paragraph spacing in the Microsoft Word:

  • Click on the “Paragraph setting” button available on the home tab of the Microsoft Word. A dialog box will appear on the screen.
  • In the dialog box, look for the spacing group and in the spacing area, you will see Before and After.

Before is to insert space above the paragraph or paragraphs.


After is to insert space below the paragraph or paragraphs.

  • After putting the input in the sections as per your requirement, click on the OK button present at the lower left side of the dialog box.
  • All the changes will be made to the document as soon as you click the OK button.

In the second tab of the “paragraph setting” dialog box, you will see Line and Page breaks options, these additional options will also help you with your doubt of How to double space in word.

Paragraph spacing setting - Double Space in Word Doc

How To Double Space in Word

The additional spacing options available in the Line and Page breaks tab are following:
  • Keep with next: This option in Microsoft word enables the paragraph you have selected and the next paragraph as a single entity.
  • Keep lines together: If this option is selected, then the Microsoft Word make sure that the paragraph is not broken between the two pages of the document and always come into view as a single complete unit on the next page of the document.
  • Window/ orphan control: This option is to avert one line of the paragraph from showing up at the top or bottom of the page.
  • Page break before: With the help of this option, you can double the space in word document as this adds a page break before the paragraph or paragraphs, which means that the paragraph will always shows at the top of the page.

The style of the document decides the correct line spacing of the document.

The answer to your doubt “how to double space in word?” may vary a bit in the different versions of the Microsoft Word. But if you know the method in any one version, then you won’t be facing any difficulty in making the changes in the other version.

Hope now you have a clear understanding on “how to double space in word?” and now-onwards you can beautify (by enhancing the clarity and appearance of the text) your document by inserting proper spaces in your Word documents.

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