How to Wave on Facebook?

Facebook is a great platform to meet amazing people, make new friends, and connect with your known ones. However, it can be a little awkward to start chatting with someone you don’t know. To eradicate this problem, Facebook introduced a waving feature on its web and mobile application. 

This feature allows you to wave at people when they accept your friend request as a gesture to strike a conversation. It also allows you to wave back at people who’ve waved at you first to connect with you. The feature has been available for a long time with minor changes in the past years. 

If you’re new to Facebook and don’t know how to wave on Facebook, it’s completely okay. This guide will help you to explore the various options to wave on Facebook through both the desktop and mobile versions of the popular social media platform. 

Moreover, you’ll also walk through the way to wave back at someone and know how to delete an accidental wave you sent to someone you don’t want to talk with. Therefore, grab a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite beverage and read on. 

How to Wave Back on Facebook – A Complete Step by Step Guide

Although a formal message is a great way to strike a conversation, the wave feature has made it even easier and joyful to initiate a new conversation. Let’s have a look at the simple and straightforward method to know how to wave on Facebook across multiple devices: 

+ How to Wave on Facebook Messenger (Mobile)?

Facebook messenger is a great companion application used to chat with your Facebook friends. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to learn how to wave on messenger with the help of your smartphone: 

  1. First of all, open the Facebook Messenger Application on your smartphone from the app drawer. If you haven’t installed this app, search for it on the app store on your smartphone. 
  2. Once the Messenger application launches, you need to log in with your Facebook account in the application. If you’re already logged-in on the Facebook app, you won’t have to enter any credentials. 
  3. After successfully logging in, you need to find the section named “people” located at the bottom of your screen. As soon as you find it, tap on it to proceed. 
how to wave on Facebook Messenger
  1. On the People’s tab, you’ll find another tab named “Active” that provides you insights about the friends who’re online at this instant in time. 
  2. Right next to the name of your friends, you’ll find a hand-like icon. All you need to do is click on that button to wave at someone. 

And that’s it! Waving at someone on Facebook Messenger is certainly a cakewalk. Therefore, go ahead and wave at everyone you want to strike a conversation with. However, make sure you don’t abuse this feature by spamming everyone with waves.

Otherwise, Facebook will disable your ability to wave at someone. Let us have a look at some other methods to wave at someone using a different type of device. 


+ How to Wave on the Facebook App?

Sometimes, it feels extremely annoying to use two different applications for operating a single social media account. Due to this, a considerable portion of the storage space of your smartphone is occupied for no reason. Here is a stepwise approach on how to wave at someone on Facebook without the need for messenger: 

  1. Foremost of all, you need to launch the Facebook application from the app drawer on your smartphone. In case it hasn’t been installed yet, navigate to the app store and install it right away. 
  2. Once it is successfully installed, you need to open it and enter your credentials to log in with your account. Therefore, enter your username and password and then tap on the login button at the bottom. 
  3. After logging in to your account, navigate to the top right bar to find three horizontal lines. As soon as you find it, tap on it right away. 
  4. Now, you’ll see a variety of options including Messenger. In case the Messenger option isn’t available, you need to tap on an option named “see more” to make it visible. 
  5. Once you’re on the Messenger application, navigate to the People > Activity tab. At this point, you’ll see the option to wave at your friends by tapping on the hand-like icon. 

Earlier, Messenger used to be integrated into the Facebook application. However, now you must have both the applications to wave at someone on Facebook. It is possible to wave at someone without messenger using the Facebook Lite Application available for android devices. 


+ How to Wave on Facebook Using Your Computer?

Although being a little bit complex, the web version of Facebook doesn’t require you to operate two different applications. Once you’re familiar with the interface, you’ll find the desktop interface to be a lot more interesting and easier to use.

Therefore, let us have a look at how to send a wave on Facebook using a Desktop or Laptop computer: 

  1. Firstly, open a browser application on your computer and navigate to the address bar located at the top. In the address bar, type and hit the enter key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also click on the “Go” button located right next to the address bar. 
  2. Once you’re on Facebook, enter your username and password (if you haven’t already!) to login with your account. After you’ve logged in, locate and click on the “Chat” option to access the list of your online friends. 
how to wave on Facebook Messenger
  1. Now, bring the mouse cursor towards anyone you’d like to initiate a conversation with and wave. Once your mouse hovers over their profile, you’ll see an option to wave at them just below their name. All you need to do is click on the wave icon to wave at them. 
how to wave on Facebook Messenger

Keep in mind that it’s not possible to wave at someone who hasn’t accepted your friend request yet. However, feel free to make a lot of new friends with this wave feature on the computer. Make sure to send a friend request and wave at them later. 


How to Wave Back at Someone Using Facebook Messenger on Mobile?

If someone has already waved at you and you want to wave back, you’re certainly at the right place. It seems like someone is excited to initiate a conversation with you. Therefore, here’s a detailed guide to know how to wave back on Facebook using messenger on your smartphone: 

  1. Once again, you need to open the messenger app on your smartphone. In case you haven’t installed it already, do it first and then proceed with the tutorial. 
  2. After you’ve opened the messenger app and login with your existing account. The step won’t be required if you’re already logged-in on the main app. 
  3. In the Messenger app, open the friend’s chat who waved at you by aping on his name. 
  4. While on the chat screen, you’ll see a yellow hand in the chat with a message that says – <NAME> is waving at you. Here, <NAME> is your friend’s name. 
how to wave on Facebook Messenger
  1. Now, all you need to do is click on the “Tap to Wave Back” button available on your conversation screen. 

And this is it! That’s the easiest and most straightforward method to wave back at someone on Facebook. Therefore, go ahead and find out who waved at you already and make sure you wave back at them. 


How to Undo an Accidental Wave Sent on Facebook?

Waving is a great way to initiate new conversations on Facebook. However, it also invites stalkers and strangers to your profile. The worst thing that can happen in this case is to send an accidental wave on Facebook. This creates a misconception in the person that you want to start a conversation with him/her.

However, in reality, you don’t want to talk to them. Now when you’ve learned how to wave on Facebook, let us take a look at how to delete a wave sent accidentally on Facebook: 

  1. First of all, install the messenger application on your smartphone (if it hasn’t been, already!) using the app store. Once it is successfully downloaded and installed, you need to log in with your Facebook account by providing your username and password. 
  2. Once you have successfully logged in to your account, you have exactly ten minutes to delete the wave that you sent accidentally. Therefore, you need to follow the steps as quickly as possible. 
  3. Open the chat in which you sent the wave icon by mistake. When you’re on the conversation page, tap and hold the wave icon until a menu pops up in front of you. 
how to wave on Facebook Messenger
  1. On this menu, you’ll see two options namely remove for everyone and remove for you. Obviously, you need to select the former to undo your accidental wave. 

And that’s how you delete an accidental wave on Facebook. While you send a wave accidentally, make sure that you remove it as soon as possible. Typically, you’ll have only ten minutes to remove a wave or message on Facebook.

After ten minutes, you’ll only see the option to remove for you. As soon as you undo your wave, the wave back option at the other person’s conversation screen will disappear immediately. 

The Takeaway 

Although wave is a pretty cool way to start a conversation, there are several different alternates to spice up your conversation even more such as emojis and avatar-based emojis. So, make sure that you try them all and find what works for you the best.

Now when you’re aware of how to wave at people on Facebook, go ahead and make some new friends right away.

For visual interpretation you can refer this video.

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