When You Type “I’m Feeling Curious” – Let’s Learn More Fun Facts from Google

When you type ‘I’m feeling curious’….. what happens..!

So let’s start with a question. What are your weirdest searches on Google? Or have you tried to search for something funny or weird on Google? What was the outcome of the search? Google being an amazing search engine platform comes up with super fun results when given surprising questions. Lastly, I tried searching I’m feeling curious on google, and google presented me with interesting, factual answers.

There are many similar searches that google addresses in interesting ways. It has its own way to surprise people with its results. It really proves beneficial to kill your boredom and get to know some amazing facts. Visit Google, type, I’m feeling curious and you will be provided with amazing fun facts

What is “I’m feeling curious” for Google?

When we type ‘I’m feeling curious’ or ‘fun facts’ google reads it and displays fun facts on the screen as it is programmed to disburse different facts to the users who do not know what exactly they have to search. It displays fun facts with the help of the algorithms from its back end pages in the google database and presents it in the front end. These facts are shown on the top of the search results.

These facts are displayed in a text bubble with the question on the top and there is a sharing option where you can share them to your social media connections. Below the bubble, there is a link from which the fact has been taken. We can simply continue to enjoy I’m feeling curious-type questions by clicking on “ask another question” which is right there below the link.

When you are typing I’m feeling curious on Google:

The main reason behind typing this on google is to overcome users from dullness. The result shows the outcome in the four different categories. They are tricks offered by google, interesting facts, cool facts, and random facts. Simply try typing this on the google search bar and google will provide you with many fun facts. All this you can simply use to impress your friends or the groups you are into.

These facts are taken from different websites, below the text bubble there is a link to the website that contains the content. Once you start using it you’ll get addicted and by clicking on ‘ask another question’ the fun facts go on and on. Google reaches every imagination to get filled with excitement.

Let’s list out some fun facts that google imparts us. These are the results that I was provided with, when I typed I’m feeling curious on Google.

  1. Highest denomination notes United States ever produced till now?
  2. What does SS on a boat stand for?
  3. Who invented candy land?
  4. Who invented the Fahrenheit scale?
  5. What do bees do with their honey?

For instance,

How much average train weighs? 

So, a freight train’s weight is very high, it comes near to 1000 tons, whereas a loaded grain train weighs near to 15K tones, and a coal train can weigh more than 20K tons.

Who is the first billionaire in America? Can you guess?

Okay, so he is John D. Rockefeller of New York.

And many more, all these were super amazing and kept me indulged for hours. It is an intellectual tool that adds factual knowledge to your bucket. And holding a good knowledge immediately add-on to your overall personality not only in front of your friends and family but to everyone you socialize with.

A bunch of Easter eggs

Many a time we get tired from our monotonous day, but this search engine – Google will never let you down. No doubt it is the top-most source of information that serves globally but simultaneously it hides a bunch of Easter eggs for its users, which is fun to use.

Apart from I’m feeling curious, there are many other coolest google searches with amazing results.

  1. Flip a coin – Type flip a coin on google and you will be surprised to see a box with a coin, when you flip it, it will give you results like head or tail. And you can flip it over and over again.
  2. Fun facts – When you search fun facts the results are similar to when you type I’m feeling curious. Many of the facts from different sources are collected by Google and are displayed.
  3. Roll a die – Try this amazing recreational activity by typing this on the search bar and you will be presented will many dices that you can roll over and over again.
  4. Tic tac toe – Type tic tac toe on google, now you and google and play this and kill your weariness.
  5. Spinner – Apart from I’m feeling curious, we can type spinner or fidget spinner where google brings a box of spinner which you can continuously spin.
  6. Blink HTML – Type blink HTML on the google search bar and it will blink the HTML search results.
  7. Do a barrel roll – Try typing this on the google search engine bar and your screen will be tilted, google always has something special to amaze us.
  8. Is google down – You must try this, trust me when you type, is Google down? Google will revert you with a reply “No.”
  9. Google in 1998 – Search for google in 1998 and it will display “Take me back to the present.” Google has amazing ways to respond to your queries.
  10. The number of horns on a unicorn or the Loneliest number – Type this on the search bar and google will display number one (1) with a calculator on the screen.

All the above Easter eggs are the recreational activities that will definitely boost you up when you are going dull during your day.

When you keep on going after I’m feeling curious, you can type I’m feeling curious tricks, I’m feeling lucky, I’m feeling puzzled, I’m feeling bored, and many more. Google will respond astoundingly to all your searches. Once you try this you will keep on going because there is endless knowledge and endless excitement coming with every new fact that google is displaying in its text bubble.


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