Unpopular Opinions People are CRAZY on the Internet

What are unpopular opinions?

Unpopular opinions are the ones that are a kind of ideas that usually oppose the real facts. But as we say, it is just an Unpopular Opinion, so nothing to worry about actually. Different people have different Unpopular Opinions, which makes them relative. Reactions from their peers, family members, and others are the main thing that inhibits people from putting forward their thinking and the so-called Unpopular Opinions. Considering people’s reactions, think about how people react to the Unpopular Opinions made about politics or religion? To be frank, the so called Unpopular Opinions are not just mere opinions but are also something a person may like or dislike. 

Below are some of the most popular Unpopular Opinions people are crazy about on the internet.

Unpopular Opinion about Religion:

Some of the most interesting Unpopular Opinions about religion are as below:

– The abolition of religion.

– If GOD is too good, he should have killed the evil and eliminated the idea of hell.

– Problems in our life shouldn’t be accepted just because GOD is trying to see something or is tired or because he blesses us on his time. 

– God is always one, but different religions name God differently.

– Why are evils given all the powers, and we humans have to pray? We at least, should have been given the powers to fight the demons.

Atheists were religious at once. It is something to ponder that it is always better to convert yourself from religious to atheist rather than convert yourself from one religion to another. 

– The most common Unpopular Opinion about human is: He cannot hold on to his or her consciousness if he or she is functionally an Atheist.

Unpopular Opinion about Sex Partners:

Unpopular Opinions by Reddit are considered one of the most widely accepted ones across the world. So here are a few the most Unpopular Opinions by Reddit about Sex. 

– Big sizes are generally overrated. Women usually tend to like small to medium size because it actually is not the size that matters, it is how the male partner uses it to satisfy his female partner. 

– Hook-ups are meaningless if there is no room for mutual understanding and strong connections.

– The maximum duration good sex can last is just fifteen to twenty minutes and nothing more.

– Porn is not real life.

– Giving is always greater than receiving.

Unpopular Opinions about Teenagers:

Teenage is that part of life from where the fate of a person’s future is decided. So many people tend to give their opinions on adolescent life. Some of the most Unpopular Opinions by Reddit are as follows.

– Teenagers usually over commit to things that sometimes are out of their reach.

– Teenagers tend to apply for less hard work and expect substantial positive results to come their way just like that.

– Most of the teenagers are ungrateful and disrespectful.

– With life becoming extremely technological now, teenagers have a tendency to cling to social media more than it is required.

– Marrying someone of a different caste or religion together is always acceptable. 

Unpopular Opinions about Society:

I get amazed by how people write on the internet nowadays. Below are some of the most Unpopular Opinions about people and society mentioned day in and day out on the internet.

– Society has become emotionally weaker and weaker day by day. Be it a male or female, right or left, things are taken a bit too seriously by people in today’s world.

– No one has the right to hurt someone or destroy their life in any way. Even if the person you didn’t want as your representative won, get over it without taking unnecessary actions.

– Don’t get upset if I call you sir or ma’am.

– The rise and gains of Pop Culture over education. If we ask someone what countries make the ASIA, there will be very few who can answer, whereas if you ask which country does Akon – The famous pop singer belongs to, approximately everyone would answer it promptly.

– Social media platforms have dented the face-to-face communication skills of people. People tend to post even the smallest of the events that occur in their lives, just mere eating toast. Talking to people on social media platforms is ruining our life.

The most dangerous device we always carry is our Smartphones.

– People have now become cheaper, and they expect very high for very little. 

– There is a time limit for any welfare.

– Never believe someone accusing others.

– Suck up your negatives each and every single time. 

– There is always someone for everybody is just a cliché.

– Single mothers do not benefit-Young men.

– It is in the history that the Protests and Privilege always go hand in hand.

– People talk too much about “freedom.”

Unpopular Opinions about Music:

The overrated artist is one of the most common unpopular opinions running on the internet in the present day scenario. 

– Overrated BTS spread.

– Overrated Beyonce.

– Kendrick Lamar has an annoying voice. 

– Overrated Drake. Rihanna is usually ignored for vocals. 

– Apple music is preferable.


– Sza has an ok voice, but she is a master lyricist. 

– Taylor Swift is of no use if awards are taken into consideration.

– Overrated fame of The Beatles.

– Classical is very peaceful every time you hear it. 

– The Video game music is far far better than modern-day music.

Unpopular Opinions about Relationships:

Some of the below mentioned Unpopular Opinions might sound silly, but they are for real. 

– Farting is allowed when you are with your better half. 

– Relations do not work on the fact that you have to go through hell. It works on trust and acceptance of the ground both are walking on. 

– Correct relationships work long distances too.

– If you don’t care, it doesn’t mean no one will. 

– People tend to forget loving themselves and respecting themselves to hold on firmly to a relationship.

– Don’t keep a relationship going if you do not want to end up marrying each other. 

– Arguments and yelling are a must in every relationship.

– Don’t spread the negatives of your significant other to people around you as they may use it against them.

– Just because you said I Love You does not mean the opposite person has to say it.

– Happy wife is a happy life should not be the code for running your life. 

– Run your life at your own expense.

Serious Unpopular Opinions:

Some of the unpopular severe Opinions include:

– We should reinforce – Use of guns and their safety manuals in early adulthood.

– Waking up early in the morning doesn’t make you better.

– Men and women marrying each other for selfish reasons deserve each other.

Unpopular Opinions 2021:  

– Tomatoes are of no use in making tasty sandwiches.

– Salmonella is risky, but cookie dough is worth taking the risk.

– Grammy’s are more popular than Oscars. 

– Thanos should be forgiven.

– COVID will go one day.

– Being masculine is not being sexiest.

– There is a big scope in education other than just Medicine and Engineering.

– Complaining people should be smacked in the face.

– Do not love animals with a hypocrite intention.  


The world is full of Unpopular Opinions. The ones writing them never expect that people in the world reading their opinions on the internet would accept their thoughts on any topic. Ideas are created because the ones making them are humans too. People give their Unpopular Opinions to portray themselves as unique people. Such people usually act in such a way that might help them outstand a crowd. The coolest thing about humans is that they are multidimensional, and they have many faces when it comes to giving opinions on topics that are less discussed in the working world. 

We learn from these opinions that we always should have our own thinking irrespective of what the surrounding people would react. Just imagine how boring life and the world would be if all people had the same thought process. It is normal if you do not like something which is liked by everyone around you. Don’t be ashamed to put up your so-called Unpopular Opinion among people. And also help your friends and family if they want to raise their voice. 

However, if your opinions are disrespectful or hurting to any people, religion, caste, or anyone then it is better to keep those opinions to yourself. Because there is always a difference between different interests and free fights. Insulting behavior is not acceptable or allowed.  Therefore, as long as you are not purposely opposing the mainstream, you aren’t disrespecting anybody. You should, for sure, take ownership of your Unpopular Opinions. No one is a mindless robot and can make their own decisions without any need for unnecessary manipulations.

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