What Colors Make Brown: A Complete Guide

Colors add life to your things and surroundings. Colors are an essential part of your life because they make your dull, monotonous life colorful and different. Brown is one such color that is loved and highly used by peoples. It is a composite color, and you must know what colors make brown. The colors that make a basic brown color is a mixture of red, yellow and blue. Whereas Yellow and Blue combinedly make Green. So that you can also make brown color by mixing Green and Red color. There are a few more basic combinations that is explained in the following images.

Red and Green makes Brwon

Brown color is made from these primary color combinations

Brown color has various hues, and shades add to its beauty, and you can see it in nature like in woods, soil, and inhuman eye colors, hair color, and skin color.

Some people consider brown as a dull, boring color related to poverty, rustic, and simplicity. For some peoples, brown is the color of warmth, wildlife, nature, and autumn.

The color brown is generally a warm color that helps to:

  1. Stimulate the appetite, mind, and body.
  2. Help represent health and friendliness.
  3. Maintain peace and stability.

Shades and Hues Of Color Brown:

The color brown has various shades and hues that vary from light to dark; you can see multiple color shades. The combination of two colors that make brown are orange and black, but other colors can make brown, like mixing yellow, red, and black. Color Brown does not have exact names because they are written differently in various lists.


You can check the X11 list of colors of the web colors, where you will find seventeen brown tones and hues, which are different in other color lists. You can quickly learn how to mix browns to get various shades like:

Rosy Brown:

If you want to learn how to mix browns so that you can get rosy brown color, you need to see what rosy brown color is. The color rosy brown came into use in 1987, and it was formulated as one of the colors in X11. As the name suggests, Rosy brown relates to rose color and is one of those shades of brown that people love to use either to wear or for designing.

It attracts eyes because of the reddish tone in it that looks amazing when used. People also call it a medium-light shade of red. You can quickly get rosy brown color by mixing more portions of red and equal green and blue quantity that make rosy brown.

Sandy Brown:

Now, to learn how to mix brown to get sandy brown, you must first understand that it is related to sand color. Now brown has many shades. One among them is sandy brown that is a pale shade of brown. This color first came into use in 1987, and it is one of the web colors of X11.

Though it is a dull color, it is widely combined with bright colors to make the best combinations and use them. You can make sandy brown by mixing 95% red, 64% green, and 37% blue. All these three colors together form to make the fantastic pale color.


Tan is another color that is a pale tone of brown, and the name of this color is derived from tannum that is highly used in the tanning of leather. Tan was first used in 1950 and is used widely since then. It is a color of warmth and provides a sense of earthy stability.

You can easily pair tan color to complement any color on the color wheel. You must know how to mix browns so that you can develop a tan color easily. For tan, you need to add more yellow to brown and if you do not get the shade, then mix a little bit of white to it to get your perfect tanned shade.

Wood Brown:

wood brown is one such color that directly resembles wood. This color gives a great look if you use it for designing or decoration because it goes with every other color. Wood, as we know, has a very fantastic color that enhances the look of other colors. It resembles elegance, security, grounding, foundation, and warmth.

It also shows loyalty and is a neutral color. Different color charts show different combinations to make wood color, but one that is used by all is a combination of red, green, and blue wherewith more amount of red you mix a little bit of green and a minimal amount of blue to get the perfect shade as you want.


Beige is another shade of brown color that is generally pale and gives a sandy fawn look. Beige is also called the color of natural wood. Beige gives a soothing and relaxing effect, typically as it is a light shade. Colors that go well with beige are brown, yellow, grey, black, and red.

Beige is said to give a natural and delicate look to any shared space. Beige, when mixed with other colors, looks mesmerizing and gives a classy appearance to that area. One must know how to mix brown to get a beige color. You can easily add white to brown color to form beige.


Wenge is a shade of dark brown color and looks unique. It is the most desirable color that is used almost by everyone for designing. You can use beige color in the staircase, bathroom, and flooring. Dark color generally enhances the look of an area, and so does wenge.

It is an accent color that looks great if worn with light shades like cream, white, burgundy, and more. High-class peoples or people in farmhouses use this color because this gives a very lavish feel to the atmosphere. Now you must know how to mix browns to get this color wenge you need to mix black, red and yellow color to get the exact color you want.

Beaver Brown ColorBeaver:

Beaver was first used as a color in English in 1705 and is also known as one of the Crayola colors in 1998. Brown and beaver have developed from the same root word and are the same. Beaver is generally an additional brown representative that is highly used by peoples because of its neutral looks and soothing feeling.

Beaver is considered to be used mostly by peoples in their living room area where they can get a soothing, relaxing feel and dress. It goes well with white, cream, and more. Beaver is a combination of red, green, and blue color.


Buff is a light shade of brown, generally cream in color. It gives a soft brownish-yellow kind of feel when used in your surroundings. This color provides a neutral and natural look to the surrounding area. Buff is that color that you can use in designing. You can use it in farmhouse and places where people enjoy to have fun and spend their time because of its natural feel.

You can use buff with many colors like tan, sand, neutral, gold, and many more. You must know how to mix brown to get the color buff. You need to mix 94% red, 865 green, and 51% blue to get buff.

Desert Sand Brown color is made by mising these colorDesert Sand:

Sesert sand gives a desert color wherever you use it. Desert sand is a light yellow-reddish kind of color that has the color of sand. It is a deep tone of beige used by peoples and known as desert sand Crayola crayon color since 1998. This color is used mainly used as paint in rooms or exteriors of your home to increase the look of your room or house.

To enhance the look, you can add desert sand with white, light yellow that gives a sunny atmosphere, brown that gives a natural and rustic look, pink to provide a gentle feel. You must know how to mix brown to get desert sand color. It would be best if you combined purple and light yellow to create a desert sand color.


Russet color has a reddish-orange tinge and is used as a color name in English in 1562. English peoples mostly wear russet as it gives an elegant and classy look. Russet is used for paints, and it is highly used in the farmhouse to provide rustic looks to the atmosphere.

Rustic is also used to be worn with white, cream, purple, and more to improve your dress class. One must know how to mix browns to get russet color. You can get russet color by combining orange and purple pigments in equal quantity.


It is a light shade color that is used to give a bold and neutral feel. You can use this color in furniture, washrooms, and more to increase looks. People also use it in hair colors to add to their beauty.

Chestnut is a dark tan color that appears brown and has the warmth of reds. It is a versatile color that looks great with black, grey, and navy. We get chestnut by mixing yellow and red to brown.


Khaki is generally is neutral mid-tone yellow color with an olive undertone. Khaki color is mostly seen in army dresses and police dresses. Khaki is that neutral color that goes well with all other colors.

You can also combine and wear khaki with teal, coral, white, navy, black, and more. It is a warm color that can be used as paints. It came into use when it was used in military uniforms in 1848. It is a light color that is mixed by adding white to browns.


Chocolate is a dark color that was first recorded in English in 1737. It is a shade of dark brown that you can use in chocolate and more. You can use chocolate to color chocolate or it’s by-products. Chocolate color dresses are mostly preferred to wear at parties and dates that give an elegant and classy look.

Chocolate colors are used in weddings, birthdays, and more. You can easily get chocolate by mixing blue, yellow, and red together, and you can increase or decrease its color by adding black or white accordingly.

Burnt umber:

It is a shade of dark brown color that gives a dark, dewy look. It is made by heating raw umber that dehydrates iron oxide and makes the color reddish. Burnt umber is used for water color and oil paints. It first came into use in English in 1650. It is generally a natural brown-reddish kind of color that gives an earthy look.

It is a very powerful color and looks great with white, cream, and more colors that add to its beauty. You can get burnt umber color by mixing three parts of black, three parts of red, 1 part of yellow and 1 part of blue.

What Colors Make Dark Brown:

To understand what colors make dark brown color, you will find different answers in a various color list like in the RGB color model says that you can get the color by mixing orange, red and yellow together. RYB color model says that you can make dark brown color by mixing two complementary colors.

Some say that a combination of primary colors makes brown if mixed in equal quantity. In reality, if you combine these colors and make such combinations, then they must become black color, but it becomes brown because here the blue pigments are relatively weaker than the red and yellow colors that create such tones and shades.

Making of Dark Brown color

What Colors Suit Dark Brown Color?

Now, after you know what colors make dark brown color, it is equally important to understand what colors will suit dark brown. There are lots of options that you can choose that can go well with the dark brown color because dark colors always enhance an area’s look, which in turn makes it more beautiful. Some colors that suit best differ from purpose to purpose according to their usage:

For rooms decoration:

Color that goes well with dark brown are white, blue, mint, gold, turquoise, orange, yellow and many more.

For the dressing purpose:

You can use light shades of brown, white, light blue, cream to give an elegant look. But you can also combine dark brown with burgundy, black, deep green to provide a flattering look and add to the beauty of the dress.

What Colors Make Light Brown:

The light brown is light but unsaturated, pale color, tan, and many more names you can give to light brown. Now the question is, what colors make light brown. So you can add a white color to make the brown color light and get the desired tone you want. If you do not want the color to become too beige and bland, you can add red and yellow to give it a warmer touch and feel.

You can easily make tan by adding yellow color to brown color. Similarly, if you want to create beige, you can mix brown, grey-white, and little yellow to get the perfect color.

What colors Suit with light brown?

Now after learning what colors make light brown let’s look forward to what colors Suit light brown? Many colors will go with light brown but what matters is the purpose for which it is used like:

— For decoration purposes:

If you are choosing light brown for decoration, then you can always choose from colors like olive, teal color, saturated emerald, grey, milk coffee color, and many more that will not look too loud and will create a beautiful place.

— For the dressing:

You can choose army green, black, burgundy, light blue, cream, pink, camel, and many other colors and combine them with light brown to get the perfect desired look of your choice.

Light brown color for decoration

Brown Paint To Decor Your House:

You can always choose a brown color for decoration purposes and increase the look of your home, office, or wherever you use it. Brown is a versatile color that you can easily use with other colors to boost traditional or modern décor styles. You must be able to find the warm and cool shades of brown paint that will suit your purpose.

The biggest question is what colors make brown paint, and some tips for choosing them are:

  • Warm brown shades: generally, warm colors have red and orange undertones that create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Such shades offer an earthy and casual appearance like you can see in various foods and beverages, for example, coffee, caramel, chocolate, and more. So warm brown colors give you a royal and rich experience, and you easily use them in your dining rooms and kitchens.
  • Cool brown shades: these shades offer you grey and blue undertones that give you a formal look compared to warm brown hues. Tan, taupe, light brown can suit your purpose here and can act as rich backgrounds.

It does not matter that you use warm or cool brown shades. What matters is that you choose the lightness or darkness you want to maintain balance. For example, you can choose dark brown paints for smaller spaces or accent walls with light-colored ceilings, furniture, and flooring. So this will highlight the look of your room and also maintain balance.

Choose Brown For Food Coloring:

You can always add colors to your food, and brown is never a bad option, but the question is to know what colors make brown with food coloring? After a proper survey, we know that the mixture of primary colors red, yellow, and blue can create brown color for food coloring.Brown For Food Coloring

If you want to use brown for the icing, you can use two drops of green and two red drops to create dark brown. In the same way, you can add two drops of yellow to the dark brown color to make it light brown.

Can You Use Brown In Fashion And Art?

As brown is a versatile color, it can be used everywhere, be it fashion or art. But you must be aware of how to use brown in fashion and art.

  • Art: if you want to create brown for art, you can easily use the CMYK color model where brown is made by mixing red, yellow, and black or red, blue, and yellow. You will find that you can get brown in a painting by mixing only two colors by adding black to orange.
  • Fashion: brown can always be in fashion if it is worn correctly with the best combination and co-ords. You can use other light shades like white, cream, and dark shades. You can play with natural hues such as white for light brown. There are lots of options to wear with brown and slay your look.

Combination Of Colors To Make A New Color:

You can always combine and create new colors that are loved and accepted by peoples like purple, orange, green, black, and many more.

What colors will make purple – you need to combine primary colors red and blue and see the results.

What color makes black –  you have to mix all the primary colors red, yellow, and blue to create black.

What color makes green – you have to mix yellow and blue and see the results.

What colors make orange – you will have to mix yellow and red. You can use the same way to seewhat colors make orange paint and create hues and shades. You mix yellow and red for orange, and for vivid orange, you combine yellow and red without any traces of blue.

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